Mon site et oeuvres terminées sur ce site

Les pages individuelles de mes oeuvres, sont accessibles en allant sur la page Porte-folio (oeuvre terminés) et En cours, en cliquant sur la photo de l’oeuvre….ou cliquez sur les liens vers mon site JMR-ART et FLICKR. To access every work page see the pages highlighted links in the french version, to see more detailed infos.

J’ai aussi une boutique, bien partielle sur Fine Arts America, pour toute oeuvre non présentée, demandez…et elle y sera. I do have a shop on Fine Arts America, it is very ‘lean’ but if you are interested in any work presented here, or my other sites, let me know, they will appear fast in the shop…

Fine Arts logo

Note : J’ai remarqué que certains blogs accompagné de musique, joue automatiquement lorsque les articles apparaissent dans mon ‘fil de lecture’, ce qui fait que leur musique se superpose à celle que j’écoute, sans me consulter, j’aime bien écouter ‘ma musique’ et en solo…donc tout blog qui m’impose cela, sera éliminé de ma liste…désolé mais c’est comme cela..I noticed that some blog are set in a way that they play music when they appear in my reader listing, it does so without asking and it is to me quite annoying have to listen to this while my music is playing, so please note that those blogs will be taken off my list of blogs I follow, sorry but it is the way it goes…:)

17 avis sur « Mon site et oeuvres terminées sur ce site »

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

      • Come here and let me give you a HUGE hug my friend. 😉 No I would never use music because I too love listening to my music and like to shut it off when I read blogs so I can retain all the words and artwork in my head~

      • Thanks, I think I felt your hug, even through the internet..:), I hope not too many people will start using this set up, I find it most annoying, people should be able to choose to what they listen and if they want to listen or not when they are browsing, I think we are still a majority who think like that!

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