Deux nouvelles versions

Deux tableaux de retravaillées, un à l’huile, l’autre à l’acrylique…travaillé bilingue ce soir…:)

392-22 Nicole Breitenbach Huile sur fond acrylique 18x24(45x61) 2012-02-01

et la deuxième

411-15 Modèle dans l'escalier Acrylique 22x28 po (55x70 cm) 2012-02-01

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    • Oh, of course it vary a lot, usually my acrylics will take 15-20 hours, oil 30-50, somme went for 250 hrs…lot of changes, and too many experiments with different medium that went a bit wrong…. Sometimes though it went well and 15 hours it was ok. I know that often I could have stop before and it would have been very good too, but I am kind of a perfectionnist, too much probably..but I always feel I can take them further…I should be careful and remember that poor Icare…that old greek I think…:) that wanted to fly to the sun, glued some feathers to his arms to reach the sun…and the glue melted…according to the legend if I’m correct…:))

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