La suite d’hier

….aurais peut-être du passer à une autre…non pas si mal, sauf que pour ce que je crois avoir gagné sur l’ensemble du tableau, j’en ai perdu au niveau du visage, le nez et les lèvres surtout…et comme ici j’ai tendance à montrer mes bons coups, comme les moins bons, alors voici la dernière version, mais je sais que malgré ce petit pas de côté ou en arrière, ce tableau devrait être bien….je crois…:)

Huile 20x28, modèle pensive ou souriante? 2012-04-12

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  1. The mistakes actually make her more life like. This is acrylic? Shame oil could still be fixed. Acrylic is not good in that but it has its good points. Overall, still a good piece!

    • Thanks, actually I started it as an acrylic, but continue with oil, so I should be able to correct a few things, I try to refrain from switching medium in a middle of a painting, of course I would never go from oil to acrylic…:), but overall I think it is coming better…:)

      • I mix them more often than I care to admit. I always begin in a layer of acrylic sometimes I create the bones of the piece with it and move to oil. Drying time is a curse and a blessing. I believe you will make it lovely, you always do.

      • Thank you! I’m blushing…:) or maybe it is just my high pressure…:)), as for mixing acrylic I did it often, but recently, I did used more additives for acrylic and I do like the effect and I don’t feel as much the need to finish them with oils, I like acrylic’s quickness, but I prefer the ‘softness’ of oils, but with those additives I feel I do approach the oil effect, but I think each medium has its own style…

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