Journée difficile…mais finalement ok…1 ière partie…

Oui une longue journée, passé de l’huile, à l’acrylique au pastel, avec un peu de photoshop, ce ferait un article trop long et surtout long à écrire, et il se fait bien tard….

Commencé en constatant que Sophie, bien elle n’était pas à mon goût….voulait faire que de petites retouches….ce ne fut pas tout à fait le cas, je la trouvais très bien, mais ‘sans vie’ alors j’ai décidé de lui en redonner, à coups de pinceaux bien sûr, et des éclats de couleurs, et tout d’un coup le tout a pris une tournure un peu plus échevelée…

La photo, pas terminée, il faudra encore un peu de travail, perfectionniste, oui, trop? sais pas…

379-43 Sophie Marceau Huile 24x30(61x76) 2012-04-14

voilà pour la première partie, drôle de journée….qui commençait, surtout que de petites grandes choses au niveau personnel sont venues ‘interférer’, j’entrerai pas dans le détail, mais j’avoue que j’étais dans un certain état toute cette journée, je le suis encore un peu en ce moment…:)))

La suite demain….:)

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  1. I love the way you’ve done the background please don’t over fix it because its wonderful. I also really love your skin tones, I would like some time to hear what colors you use to get such nice flesh tones. I would in turn give some tricks I use for facial structure and hair if you’d like. Yours are fine of course, be we are always trying to refine and improve are we not? I certainly do no piece ever truly feels done or perfect does it lol.

    • Hello! Thanks, yes I admit that in this one the face and hair are difficult, the pic is not so good for details…and that painting started as an acrylic, than oil, and been lasting a few years, somehow the surface is difficult to work, I think at one point, as in others painting of that era I tried liquin, did not work for me…

      Skin colors, in oil I used mainly raw umber, yellow oche, a bit of burt and raw sienna, with a bit of cadmium red, litllle very little…and of course lots of titanium and zinc white, zinc white does not cover much but mix fine, to subdue others colors.

      The main thing is that I do work in multiple thin layers, if you go to this painting page, 379 in Oeuvres en cours, you could see the slideshow,or better clikc on one pick of the slideshow to go to Flickr to look at each picture, as we say, 1 picture is worth 1000 words…:) ok maybe not that many in this case..

      And of course I would like to read about your technique, I feel I have more sucess with faces in pastel than painting, of course in pastel often it is more of a portrait style and pastel, to me at least, is easier to correct, but I certainly would like to hear, like you said, there always place for improvment, as for the perfect work…maybe it is a good thing that it is unreachabled….we wouldn’t dare to do another one after reaching it…:)))

      • I will compose some of my easiest tricks a lot of it is shade/light but when applying it it looks wrong but once dry the effect is fantastic.
        I have found over time since I work over an acrylic base always I get a sort of mealy texture which makes new layers tough to apply and blending becomes rough. I found that cutting an oinion in half and rubbing the surface with it let it dry some and then take an old brush and use a little linseed oil to apply carefully and rub in with fingertip. The heat of your fingers works it in and makes the paint more elastic.
        I will definitely look through your recommendations I am a huge fan of showing progress as I go and love to see others I learn a great deal that way. Later this evening sometime I will explain faces better when I can make it more clear. Back to my garden with me for now.

  2. I never heard of using an onion that way…:)), I must give a try, thanks for sharing, waiting for more of your tricks. Yes I like watching the ‘making of’, even for me, sometimes it shows me things that I could have done differently, I’m not saying it will prevent mistakes…seems I always find new ways to make them, but often too I get a few good shots…:)

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