Un deux pour un…

Peu de mots depuis les derniers jours, comme lors des dernières semaines, mais au moins mes pinceaux, et forcément moi, ont été actifs…Noëlle est terminée, signée, Noëlle en juin….depuis mardi que je tentais de le terminer, un des avantages de l’acrylique…pas besoin de laisser reposer trop longtemps…et pour un tableau acrylique, je crois qu’il est pas mal…à vous d’en juger…le pastel aussi est terminé, j’ai moins de difficulté à arrêter un pastel, même si parfois il ne me semble pas tout-à-fait fini, l’acrylique et l’huile surtout, c’est une histoire différente…probablement que certains trouveront certaines versions meilleures que la finale…ou non….

Not many posting over the last days, since tuesday, but this time my brushes, and you can guess me as well, were busy, working on Noëlle, I guess in english the play word with Noëlle and Noël (Christmas) doesn’t work, so if you understand french read it, or not, not to important…:) So, this acrylic painting is finished, signed….so a few versions, stretching from last tuesday to tonight sunday, for an acrylic, I’m pleased, of course could have been better…but I think it is more than ok….also the pastel is finished, did not reworked it, seems that in pastel, I don’t have to much trouble, leaving a painting a bit unfinished, not the same story for painting, especially oil…so here’s the last few versions, of course, some will probably think that one of these version was better…or not, to you to be the judge…:)

418-18 Noelle en rouge et noir, acrylique, 30×24 po, 76×61 cm, 2012-06-17

Le diaporama

et le pastel

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    • Merci Claire, oui je pense que mes acryliques s’améliorent…commence peut-être à comprendre certaines choses….faut bien avant de devenir trop vieux…:)

      J’aime bien l’effet d’interpréter le même sujet dans différents médiums, faudrait que je le fasse plus souvent, même si le temps manque toujours…:)

  1. I am very limited with acrylics but you always make me want to use them more. This piece is lovely, I especially love her scarf. You are always great with boots.

    • Thank you! to me acrylic is still a ‘battle’ but I did catch a few things, difficult to explain, different type mediums, retarder, a stay-wet palette, and I’m putting a bit more paint now then before, in oils I do work in very thin washes, in acrylic I did have to work in a different manner, I guess each medium has its strong points and not so strong ones…have to learn about them and finding a way to work with it that suit your style, I think I’m slowly getting there…:))

      • I have found for me personally I can only use acrylics for some things. Like flowers or more cartoon style work. I was given advice of using a spray bottle to keep my paint moist but it just dries to fast for me so I have to paint things that are quicker. I love oil for its great capability, thin, thick, dryer or wetter it always just works so for figures and landscape it fits. Perhaps you should try something outside your norm with acrylic?

      • Yes, I do think that each medium has is own ‘personnality’ if I may say…It took me a while to find out how to be comfortable with pastel, than oil, and now I’m getting on with acrylic and watercolor; each medium kind of make something in my way to work that cannot be achieve with another medium, I guess it is in some way to find a manner to work with them that suit your style, which is not so easy to do as it may sound…:)

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