Sophie Marceau…un peu plus…mieux?

Beaucoup travaillé sur le tableau de Sophie Marceau, le visage, les cheveux, sa robe, enfin tout, et aussi bien sûr ses bottes, beaucoup travaillé, bien travaillé? je ne sais pas trop, hier je me disais oui, aujourd’hui je suis moins sûr, faut dire que hier j’avais pris un peu de bière et il y avait de la fumée dans l’atelier…:) mais je sais qu’elle est plus près de la fin, mais arrivé? sais pas encore….

Lot of work done on this painting of Sophie Marceau, hair, face, her dress, her body, the background and of course her boots…lot of work, good work? I did think so last night, not quite so sure today, maybe the beer and the smoke floating in the atelier change my mood and appreciation last night…:) of course it can always be better, is it finish? don’t think so but I’m not sure, probably still missing a bit of many little things….so there will probably, most certainly be another version sometimes, tonight or tomorrow, don’t know, in a few weeks…sure.

379-47 Sophie Marceau Huile 24×30(61×76) 2012-08-12

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    • Thanks for following! and the appreciation, as for knowing when a work is finished, maybe there is one, but I did not found it yet..:) I put soo much work in some of these paintings, that I kind of tell myself, it is not a few hours more that will stop me now…:)), and I kind of want it to be ‘perfect’ at least to me….

      • Yes deadline….when I do set a date for an exhibition, usually I decide that some of those paintings are finished….:)) and it did arrived that the one that stays after, sometimes they do get reworked…:)

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