Ah qu’elles me donnent…

Du trouble, ah ce qu’elles m’en donnent ces Lonneke…..encore une séance où ce tableau fait un détour plus ou moins long….j’étais parti bien tranquillement, et voilà comme cela arrive parfois, mais assez souvent avec ce tableau, je me mets à travailler avec plus d’élan, en ne prenant pas trop garde à ce qui arrivera, donc à ce point, mardi soir, pour être plus précis, elles ont toutes perdues ou gagnées quelque chose, perdues leurs visage, mais trouvé plus de contraste, et encore une fois ce tableau semble avoir son propre chemin, et comme je ne le retiens pas, je suis où il va….j’ai pris une photo, mais j’ai décidé d’attendre avant d’afficher cet article, quelque chose me dit que je vais le retravailler bientôt ce tableau, comme demain soir par exemple…

Lot of trouble these three Lonneke..another session when it seems that this particular painting, goes on his way, going in a way that I did not planned….and when this happen, some good and bad things happen, I do like the more loose side it took, even if in the meantime, it send my model almost faceless….at least tonight, which by the way is Tuesday, I took a photo, but did not feel like posting it right away, I know I will reworked it soon, like tomorrow night….

325-73 Lonneke Engel 18×24 po (45×61 cm) 2013-04-16

Maintenant en mode rattrapage, et aussi tant qu’à y être pourquoi pas modifié l’arrière-plan tout en essayant de ramener le ou les visages, travailler la lumière, qui est pas évidente….faut bien le dire….en fait il y en a partout, une difficulté que j’ai souvent lorsque je commence à reproduire des parties de la pose un peu partout, tout en essayant de garder une composition intéressante, pas évident…

In repair mode, for the face or faces shall I say…and why not working on the background, either by rendering it a bit more uniform, and playing with colors, shapes and contrast, and trying to fix the light, which is quite unnatural….in fact it is coming from many sides…I guess this is a difficulty that come with this type of painting, made from a collection of part of the same pose..

325-74 Lonneke Engel 18×24 po (45×61 cm) 2013-04-17

Encore un peu de travail sur ce tableau, qui approche de la fin, je le sens…et une autre jambe qui apparaît ou revient à vrai dire…, souvent j’applique une règle que j’ai gardé de mon tout premier cours de peinture…répéter à quelques endroits, une forme, une couleur, et voilà trois fois Lonneke et trois fois une de ses bottes, et quelques autres couleurs et formes qui reviennent ici et là, le chiffre magique dans ce cas ci est 3…:), je ne respecte pas toujours toutes ces règles apprises dans ces cours, mais pour les contourner à l’occasion, faut les connaître…mais dans ce cas-ci, je les ai respecté ces règles…:)

Still a bit, a lot of work, on this painting, which I think is finally very close to the end….I feel it or just telling myself the expo is near and I want to show it…and another leg is appearing, or reappearing I should say, often I do apply a rule I’ve been teached in my very first painting course, repeating either a color, a shape, a texture in at least 3 place, spread across the painting, apparently it does help balancing, and the eye is moving from one of these spots to another…so here I do have 3 times Lonneke and three times one of her boot….I guess the magic number here is 3, rule are fine, but I’m not always respecting them, you have to know them before deciding te break it, but it is not the case here…:)

325-75 Lonneke Engel 18×24 po (45×61 cm) 2013-04-19

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    • Hum, good question…I guess I could have made 2 ou 3 paintings of her….I like her expression on the left one, still not quite what I wanted, but so far close enough; and I like the way the center one is, probably I will just add a bit of shading, but not much more…I guess I’m answering like a politician…:)) I do tend to put too much details, maybe the faceless one would be a new direction to explore, so much way to like at a scene, I guess it does apply too to photography.

      • Just to help you , miss politician 🙂 , what I do remember from my previous comment to u ,was her sensual expression fading out . Hope that helps

      • Yes I would tend to make one more detailed and hoping to get back her sensuous look, and maybe the second one, if I’m reading you right, I guess we are on the same ‘wavelength’ sound better in french…:), for now I think I will move to another one I wanted signed for the exhibition, Sophie Marceau, and I will come back to this one in a day or two…oh and by the way, I’m not a miss…:), I’m a mister, and a fairly old one…:D

      • Yes I will, probably posting a few things before it and also taking picture of the set up, still don’t know if I will be able to finish everything I want to, but it would not be a disaster if I don’t, and the nice thing about exhibiting at home, you can show whatever you feel you want to show, finish or not completely, for many peoples they are finished…:)

    • Thanks! There is a few things I’d learned in that course, even if it was many years ago, the funny thing is that often I started using them later after the course, maybe I should take another one, there always something to find or explore.

      • I guess it takes time to digest the information. As long as you try to use it sometimes to see if you like it it’s worth the course 🙂

      • Yes it is true, and it takes time before it almost become a natural thing to do, without thinking to them. And early, you tend to use them separately, and telling yourself, oh yeah I should apply this, but over the years these tricks merge and you use them naturally and all together.

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