Muse aux lunettes soleil…

Une autre session pour ce tableau d’un modèle, ou muse, portant ses lunettes soleil et cuissardes, encore tout en douceur, pas trop ‘poussé’ sur les couleurs et le détails, d’ailleurs je vais peut-être le garder plus épuré ce tableau, il manque bien peu je crois, à voir….peit-être une autre séance pour terminer ce tableau.

Another session on this painting of an unknown model or muse, wearing sunglasses and thighboots, a very soft looking painting, did not ‘push’ too much colors and details yet, and maybe, just maybe I will keep it simple, try not to overwork it, like it does happen sometimes…all the times some would say…:), in fact I think very little is missing on this one, maybe another session to finish it

434-08 Modèle inconnue, lunettes soleil et cuissardes, huile/oil 20×30 po (50×76 cm) 2013-10-20

Le diaporama, et pourquoi pas la photo de ce modèle…je ne me fatigue pas de la regarder…:)
the slideshow of this painting and this model pic, I don’t get tired of looking at her…:)

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  1. Fantastic! She is delicious!
    I love the slideshows because they reveal a loose, easy passion at the beginning of the process, then I watch you get into the details.
    I am so clumsy with color! I have good pencil sketch techniques, but I have ruined many wonderful sketches when I have added color… usualy water color or aquarelles. I tried the chalk patels, like Watteau, ……….. I only wish!
    Nonetheless, I intend to do a pencil sketch of the “Poetry Shirt” I designed for Robyn on my “Art Gowns” blog.
    Also, as you have inspired me, I will start with my chalk pastels to see if something happens before I resort to pecils.

    • Good idea, when I started I would make sketches using watercolors, pencil or inks, but applied right on the paper, attached to the easeal, fast But moree often I would work with dry pastels, pastels to me offer freedom of movement, and I found it much more like working skeches, and it is much easier to correct…and their colors are so nice, and you feel the way you applied it…so I guess what I’m saying is try it…

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