Oh mais il y a aussi Carla….

Lundi / Monday 2014-02-03

C’est bien beau d’essayer d’améliorer mes vidéos, mettre à jour mes sites…depuis quelques semaines je suis plus ‘régulier’…:), mais faut tout-de-même que je prenne un peu de temps pour avancer quelques toiles et un pastel qui sont en cours, si je veux avoir un peu de nouveau matériel à présenter…alors ce soir, lendemain de Super Bowl…qui a été bien bon pour moi en terme de $$$$$, eh bien un peu de pastel, et Carla qui prend forme, je n’ai pas eu l’expression de son visage…mais cela viendra, il y a quelque  chose dans ce visage que j’aimerais bien saisir avec mes fidèles amis retrouvés, mes pastels…

It is a good thing to work on videos, updating my sites, struggling with a few sites that are sometimes on, sometimes can’t even access my files…and it was the Superbowl on top of that, which has been good for me…not a nice game but won some $$$$, but finally the most important thing after all is painting and drawing, so finally back to Carla, still struggling to get her face right, but the rest is coming along nicely

437-11 Carla Brown, pastel, 25,5×19,5 po/in (65×50 cm); 2014-02-03

Mercredi / Wednesday 2014-02-05

Encore plus des mêmes choses, quelques problèmes avec certains sites…ça va ça repart, hier je ne pouvais même pas accéder à mes photos, tout cela me ramène toujours à la nécessité qu’un jour je fasse le ménage dans mes sites et décider le ou lesquels je vais privilégier, mais je crois que ce jour est encore loin..donc en attendant je me suis sali les doigts avec mes pastels en essayant de dessiner les traits et autres de Carla…faut bien se salir pour faire du beau…:)

Still more of the same, still struggling with my computer, certain sites, which are on or off access to me, and I don’t know why, last night could not access my pics…and all of that keep remind me that some day, probably still a bit far, I will clean up all my sites, deciding to keep some, letting others go…but this is not going to happen these days…so finally decided to get dirty, I mean my fingers, smudged with pastel, trying to get the shape of Carla face and others things of course, like her boots for example…

437-13 Carla Brown, pastel, 25,5×19,5 po/in (65×50 cm); 2014-02-05

Bon la petite routine…le diaporama si mon site me le permet, la photo de Carla …
Well time for my little usual things, slideshow and model photo…

Je mets aussi le lien vers le site sur lequel j”ai trouvé cette photo / Here’s the link to the site where I did find this picture
Carla Brown Appreciation Page

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  1. The slideshow is nice. Sometimes I think your beginnings…. before it becomes what you are capturing, are pretty enough to be works of art on their own. Do you know what I mean?

    • Yes..I’m struggling with some ideas, simple thing that I should do, I like the lighter, almost abstract, or actually more like figure drawing of the early stages, but I also like a more portrait like or realistic rendering, maybe I should start two versions…You’re not the first one to point that, a facebook friend, from France, funny they are friends but I’ve never met them in person, a bit like us actually..:), mentionned often the same thing you just did.

      • The early stages are very beautiful sometimes… very soft, inviting and stimulating the imagination.
        Perhaps… you could do one of my gowns on the Judy…… there is no head or arms so you would not be compelled to make a portrait and therefore could just stop before too much detail is laid down.

        Just a crazy idea! 😎 😉

        You would

      • Sounds good, I could try a pastel or watercolor, all medium are suited for a more ‘fluid’ approach but these for me work very fine, I guess acrylic or gouache on paper too work very nicely, maybe all of them…could you send me the link to the one you have on mind or a picture?

      • I will look at my gowns and see which one(s) might suit this idea. I do have a couple in mind off the top.
        I will email it this to you later!

  2. Qu’est ce que c’est beau, j’ai toujours admiré la peinture, un art dans lequel je n’excelle pas :-((
    on croirait voir le modèle, à travers les couches de peinture on imagine votre travail, c’est magnifique

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