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Extrait de la page sur mon site JMR-ART/exert from my site JMR-ART boutique (on line shop)

 Bienvenue dans ma galerie, vous y trouverez éventuellement l’ensemble de mes oeuvres disponibles pour la vente, soit des tableaux (huile, acrylique), des pastels, des esquisses de modèles vivants et aussi les versions digitales de ces pièces pour utilisation à des fins de reproduction. Si vous êtes intéressé par une pièce montrée ailleurs sur mon site et qu’elle ne se trouve pas encore dans la boutique, veuillez m’en aviser par courriel et je me ferai un grand plaisir de la présenter ici.

Veuillez noter que prochainement des modifications seront apportées afin d’uniformiser les conditions de vente, de livraison et diverses politiques d’achat et d’encouragement aux acheteurs fréquents ou qui reviennent…:), donc veuillez consulter la page BOUTIQUE – INFORMATIONS pour suivre les développements.

Welcome in my art shop, here you will eventually find all items disponible for sale, paintings (oil and acrylic), pastels, life models sketches, and digital files of these works to be used for reproduction.

For the time being my ’boutique’ is not quite ready, much more informations will come soon, so in the meantime, if you are interested in any piece of art showned elsewhere on this site but not presented here, please contact me, then I will set the item of interest. Please also note that informations will be added for shipment, conditions, and I am planning to introduce some reward policy for frequent or returning buyers…:), please also look to BOUTIQUE – INFORMATIONS

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    • It is my own site on Weebly, I think if you want to build a custom one on wordpress, it has to be with wordpress,org. Weebly isn’t too expensive if you want a site without a boutique, but this is more costly, I took a 2 year contract, cost me about 450 $, not sure it is worth it, maybe it is better using the free one or lower cost option and use Etsy or other on line shop, unless you do have already a good base…I will have to see what happen…:)

      • Okay, thanks. I’ve been thinking about an online shop!
        I will see what happens with your Weebly.
        It seems one can get lost in Etsy.

      • Yes it is not easy finding the right way to sell things on the net, there has to be some traffic, so far that’s the problem with Weebly compared to WordPress, I have more people on my WP sites, and even if my pictures are all linked to my site on Weebly, very few peoples do click on the links…and they don’t get to the shop, I gave myself the two years period, right now at least my job does give me the leeway to try that…:)

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