Axel Heiberg….une île, an Island…

Non ce n’est pas le nom d’un hockeyeur suédois que les Canadiens de Montréal ont repêché, plutôt le nom d’une île située entre Mould Bay et Eureka, soit entre les îles Prince Patrick et Ellesmere dans le Nord canadien, eh oui une autre de mes vieilleries du nord…je dois avoir l’air d’un vieux monsieur qui radote sur ses souvenirs passés, c’est vrai…mais je les aime bien mes photos….:)

No it is not a future Swedish hockey player coming to play for the Montreal Canadians, but more like an island, between Mould Bay and Eureka, or Prince Patrick Island and Ellesmere Island in the Canadian arctic, of course you already know by now that it is another one of my old ‘souvenirs’ I know I must sound like an old man going through his vanished past and babbling about old stories…yes I am, but I do like these pictures…:)

Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian Arctic, juillet 1984, #070-20_1984-07-xx-R


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    • Your scan must have the ability to scan film, my old one had it, but the quality wasn’t good, and resolution not so high. My new one can take 4 slides at a time, usually I scan at 4800 dpi, I could go up to 9600, and it take a few minutes, maybe 10 for 4 slides, I can work on negative film too, up to 10 or 12 negatives at a time. I quite happy with it, It is an Epson V600 Photo, cost me about 275 $, to me it was worth it, I have 600 scans done so far and still about 2 or 3 times that to do…of course they aren’t all very good, but I may find some use for them…

      • Thanks!
        I had an Epson for years. It was fantastic, much better than my latest one.
        I think if someone is an artist, Epson is probably worth the extra $.
        I’ll be looking for an Epson soon!

      • If we would be closer I would do it for you! maybe you could look for a least expansive one, they have a few model I think, I was looking into, but I decided to put a bit more, my old one was an HP, I think Epson is better if you’re looking for quality, HP for productivity…but I guess it could be a long debate…:)

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