Lors des premières semaines passées à Winnipeg, quelques choses étaient vraiment différentes de la vie de quartier francophone montréalaise…entre autre ceci, chez moi, les paniers d’épicerie restent pour la plupart du moins sur la devanture ou dans le stationnement du magasin, à Winnipeg et probablement dans la plupart des villes anglo-canadiennes, on les retrouve un peu partout…comme dans un parc, après quelques semaines je ne les voyais plus…:)

For the first few weeks living in my new place at the time, Winnipeg, a few things were quite different than what I’ve known growing in a francophone borough of Montreal, for example grocery cart stay or were left on the front of the grocery store or in the adjacent parking lot, but in Winnipeg, and I guess in most of English Canada cities, you will find them almost every where, sometimes in some unusual spot, at least for me at that time, after a few weeks, I was already a bit less aware of their unusual places where they were left…

Winnipeg, shopping cart in a park, #041-17_1982-06-xx-R, 1982

De plus je trouvais bien curieux de voir la camionnette du supermarché Safeway faire le tour des rues du quartier afin de les récupérer, j’aurais du inventer un panier muni d’un système de retour automatisé au magasin, j’aurais peut-être fait fortune…:)

I found amusing also, seeing the grocery store truck driving along the neighborhood streets and gathering those ‘lost’ grocery carts….maybe I should have worked on some king of homing device for those…I would have been rich…maybe not…:)

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    • Thanks! I guess sometimes photography has to do with a bit of luck, rigth lighting, something that happen to be there…., I was wondering,do you see that as well in Toronto? as far as I know you don’t see that in Montreal, but in Winnipeg, in my area it was quite common to find grocery cart everywhere.

      • I used to see lots of abandoned carts, but not so much now. Mostly I used to see homeless people using them for their needs, but that seems to be gone now, too.

      • In Montreal, I saw sometimes homeless people using them too, maybe it is or it was a Winnipeg thing or western Canada thing…:)

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