L’été…à Mould Bay / Summertime…in Mould Bay…

1984 avait été un été pourri à Mould Bay,, mais parfois le soleil, qui au-dessus des nuages brille 24 heures sur 24 environ 6 mois par année, daignait enfin passer au travers des nuages ou en  fait , ceux-ci parfois lui laissait le chemin libre….pour un photographe l’arctique est un paradis lorsque la lumière est là….je trouve toujours la lumière du début ou fin de journée plus intéressante et là-bas le soleil n’est jamais bien haut au-dessus de l’horizon, et parfois on avait même droit à un arc-en-ciel…..

1984 was a terrible summer in Mould Bay, but occasionnaly, the clouds would open a bit, not much, but at least the sun would shine on the station, at that time of the year and for close to six months it is shining  24 hrs on 24, but more than often it was on the clouds…another thing under those latitudes is that you always have the feeling that it is early or late in the day, light wise, good thing for a photographer like me who prefer the subdue lighting of these moments, up there you have it all the time, the sun is always  low on the horizon just moving around…and that day on top of that, we were lucky enough to have a faint rainbow….

Mould Bay, l’été/summer…1984-07, #065-12_1984-06-xx-R

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  1. LMAO!!!
    Sorry, but only in Canada would there be a place named Mould Bay!
    Now, I have to ask…. was there a lot of mould there? or?
    I’m very glad you are processing and showing these pictures of up north. Things have changed, and you have proof of the past! _Resa xo

    • No it was too cold maybe….I always did wonder if it was translating as ‘moississure’…maybe in history, some ship was caught in the ice and…well I don’t know…I should do a bit searching…yes they are nice memories, and records of a vanishing place…that a pity.

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