Une bonne Canadian!…A True Canadian!…

eN 1985, les bières artisanales, ou de de micro-brasserie, n’étaient pas très répandues à Winnipeg, aujourd’hui autant là bas j’imagine qu’ici à Montréal on a maintenant un grand choix de bières qui se démarquent de ces bières qui souvent sont bien ordinaires…vestige d’une autre époque…:)

In 1985, the beer market was still dominated by large breweries, the smaller ones did not yet had a widespread base, so we used to drink a good but very average beer…in Quebec, the most popular product was Molson Export, their other ‘flagship’ beer ‘Canadian’ was almost unknown in Montreal, maybe a question of politic and image…:), so when I moved to Winnipeg, the Molson Ex there did not taste the same, so I became a true Canadian, now things have changes, many small breweries have sprung and we do have a very nice choice of  different brands with many differences among them..so this pic seems to me like a souvenir from a long gone era…:)


Canadian beer, Winnipeg, 1985-10; 080-35_1985-10-xx-r

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