Montréal, voies ferrées, 1981, 038-05_1981-11-xx-R

Une autre photo de l’est de Montréal, prise en 1981, l’originale est en couleur mais peu intéressant, donc modifiée celle-ci pour une photo en noir et blanc…

Another old picture taken in 1981, in the East-end of Montreal, CPR tracks, the original photo is in color, but colors weren’t nice, actually almost grey and black, so I did transformed it into a black and white photograph….

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  1. Your retro collection is fabulous! I’m so glad you are converting your slides. I only have a few slides. However, I think they would be interesting to see, as they are from a visit to Palenque, Mexico.
    The slides you show look so much warmer and intriguing than digital photography. _Resa 🙂 😎

    • Thanks, I do miss the quality we were getting with film, I will have to see eventually I am planning to buy a new camera, but film is out of question, rare and expenvise, would be interesting to see yours!

      • Jean Marc, I’m still waiting to afford the right scanner, but I really want to see them, too. I seem to remember photographing the Palenque Stone!

      • For me it was a small investment compare to the number of slides I have, and I still have as much negatives to do…it is quite a bit of work to ‘clean’ them but it is worth it, and when you will do you will found again some long forgone souvenirs…

      • I believe you, and thank you! I can hardly wait. I remember you told me the name of the scanner you have.
        I don’t know what post it was. Would you be kind enough to tell me again? This time I promise I will make a special note! _Resa 🙂

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