Un visage difficile à capter….A tough face to get for me….


Comme certaines batailles font rage pendant une longue période de temps, ma ‘bataille’ personnelle dans le but de capter l’expression du visage de Liz continue, et je crois que je vais la gagner cette bataille…:) la dernière version, enfin celle du 19 octobre….mais j’ai aussi une curieuse impression de déjà vu…enfin écrit, et vu….

Not unlike some long lasting conflct, my personnal struggle trying to get Liz face to my liking is still going on, but I think I almost got it now…so another version on this saturday night, october 19….(425-44), but at the same thing I do also have a strange feeling of dejà vu…or in this case already wrote, or seen or both…:)

Et bien sûr je ne saurais présenter cet article sans présenter le diaporama des versions précédentes, pour ceux et celles qui en serait à leur première visite, ou tout simplement ceux et celles qui aiment bien le regarder de nouveau, et aussi la photo de Liz, ceux qui ne me connaissent pas ou peu, oui c’est mon obsessive muse…enfin l’une d’entre elles…:)

And of course I still feel I do have to show the usual slideshow, for newcomers or oldcomers, who still like to view those slideshows…and of course, there is also Liz photo, newcomers don’t know it yet, but it is my obsessive Muse, at least one of them…:) for the oldcomers, you already know that….


425-44, Elizabeth Hurley 3, huile 22×28 po (55×70 cm) 2014-10-19

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  1. As an “artist”, you are not merely recording a mirror-image but rather interpreting and bringing forth other living qualities and characteristics in the person and how he/she interacts with his/her environment. This gives your work a sense of “intimate vivaciousness” and invites personal and sensual interaction with your art, and with you as an artist. In this way your audience can (in its minds eye) constantly “re-create” the archetypes you present. You lend to your work the perspectives of both “outside looking in” and “inside looking out”. Bravo!

    Now, where is your self-portrait?!!

    • Thanks, Hope I keep putting in my paintings feelings, heat, sensuality of my ‘models’, colors and make a good mix of all of this, it is a never ending process, glad when somebody take the time to let me know they appreciate.

      I had to do a self portrait many years ago, it was kind of interesting, I will try to find it and put a picture, eventually I should try again, just to see how it would come out.

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