J’aurais pu continuer longtemps…I could have kept going…

J’aurais bien continué ce tableau, (c’était le 1er décembre) enfin je pense avoir finalement réussi à capter la pose de cindy, enfin celle sur la gauche du tableau, dans le cas des deux cela a été une longue bataille, d’ailleurs leurs expressions le démontrent presque, mais voilà il est tard, trop tard, tant de choses à faire…et je me dois de laisser cela à demain…en attendant la routine de préparer la journée de demain…ah si…et ce soir, trois semaines plus tard, me voilà en train de fini cet article, et même chose, je dois penser à préparer cette nouvelle semaine, au moins celle-ci sera courte, 2 jours, 2 et demi au plus…:)

I wish I would have time to go on tonight, (December 1st…), but the same old story, got to work tomorrow, so I reluctlanly left it there, and finally I think I got Cindy’s, one of them, the on the left, fianlly got her face just about ok, could just not get it right, still not quite ok but it is coming…well that is it for now…then and tonight as I am completing the post, I have to get going to prepare the coming week…but this week, it is a short one…2 days…maybe 2 and a half…:)

415-55 Cindy Crawford double... Huile sur acrylique, 20x30 po, 50x76 cm 2014-12-01

415-55 Cindy Crawford double… Huile sur acrylique, 20×30 po, 50×76 cm 2014-12-01

Et fidèle à mon habitude, je vous présente le diaporama de ce tableau, qui a subit pas mal de variantes depuis le début…et la photo des deux Cindys / And to keep going my sort of tradition, here’s the slideshow of this painting, that went through quite a bit of variations so far, and the two Cindy’s photograph.

Cindy Crawford 009

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        Yes I really wonder about that too, maybe because of my background, even if I try not to be too much taken by the stats we have, I noticed sometimes I am getting more likes than visit on my page, but it can be a few things, either peoples just clicking from the reader or the type of browser and the way they access the internet, so I guess there is no sure way to know,e xcept for commenting of course..and I did notice too, often blogger like your page, you do the same but they don’t really bother reading your posts, I guess for these, the number of followers is more important than ‘quality’ if I can say..like most of my paintings it is a never ending story…:)

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