C’est de sa faute…It is his fault…

Revenu tard hier soir, aussi ce soir…Came in very late last night, and finish working late today…

J’ai essayé de lui montrer comment envoyer un article….I tried to teach him how to sent a post…..



Mais il n’a pas réussi, mais peut-on lui en vouloir….en fait le coupable c’est moi, je ne prépare assez de choses en avance, et de plus aujourd’hui j’ai travaillé non-stop…on va essayer de se reprendre…:)

But he did not succeed…but can we reproach him that…think not…:) I guess I am the real one, did not prepare anything, and today it was an hectic day, did not stop for lunch…so I guess I will try to do better over the long week-end

Oui je sais j’ai mon blog photo, mais mon chat a droit d’aller sur mes deux sites…objections?

Well I know I do have a blog for photography, but as for my cat, he can go on both sites, any complains?…:)

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