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C’était au début de mai, cela me semble déjà bien loin….les ciels m’inspirent toujours, changeant, prenant toutes sortes de teintes, ici c’était en mode automatique je crois, je me familiarisais encore avec mon nouvel appareil-photo…toujours en apprentissage, on peut dire la même chose de la vie je pense…

these were taken in early may, seems already a long time ago, skies do inspire me, always changing, all kinds of colors and shades, at that time I was using my new camera in automatic mode I believe, did not yet found all the little buttons, switches an controls, was still in learning mode, after all we are always in some kind of learning mode…

DSC_1488-RDSC_1486-RDSC_1487-R  DSC_1489-RDSC_1490-R

Et même la lune s’en était mêlé…and even the moon did take part to the show..

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  1. I do not think I will ever master the buttons on my camera. I keep experimenting with settings, but most of the time I do not know what the results will be. Strangely, I can read literature, philosophy and other dense material, but when I read through explanations on camera setting I am dense. 😀

    • I start reading a bit and then go back to what I usually do, lets try this and usually have to read more to find how to get back to the normal settings…:D

      Sometimes I do miss my old pentax K-1000, a photometer and nothing else, but that said I love the one I bought Nikon D610, even if most buttons are still a mystery and some I can’t find yet the usefullness of them, maybe the light will come one day..:) But the most important thing it did start me again on photography, and looking…

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