Pinceau et son condo…

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Non pas vraiment son condo, mais parfois il s’en va comme cela dans son transporteur….il doit le trouver confortable tout-de-même…

No, not really his condominium, more like his transporter, I did not think he would like be in it, but sometimes for no reason he goes in there and seems quite comfortable…


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    • Thanks Resa, I am not sure what it is, some kind of secretion he has, dropping from his eyes. He had it last winter, not during the summer, and now again, usually it goes away and come back. I tried to clean it, but he doesn’t like that at all…:)

      • My cats get eye stuff. It makes me crazy. I love them so much, I just worry!
        Pinceau looks very healthy and happy. I’m very glad you kept him!

      • I am the same with him, but I got used to his eyes, and it look more like stains rather than infection, and sometimes it become thicked and fell, and start again…I was glad my neighborgh did not take him back, his daughter want a cat now, but she told me he looks so fine at my place that she prefer for him to stay here, especially that their dog was tough with him, just wanted to play but he did not enjoy it at I guess he is my cat for good now…:) I will just keep ckecking his eyes…I have the same problem, ok not quite, but I have mild psoriasis and I have stuff around the eyes, especially when it is dryer…we make a good team…:)

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