Un peu de poussière et de peinture…a bit of dusting and painting


426-57-r Nue 2012-1, Huile sur acrylique 18×24 2016-09-01

Il y avait bien longtemps que Miki attendait, cela a été plus long de dépoussiérer l’atelier et le tableau que la séance de peinture elle-même, mais voilà, on s’y remet..

Its been a long time since I have worked on this Miki painting, there was much more dusting than painting to do in fact, but at least for now, it seems it is starting again…

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    • That one is from a digital model posed using an animation and posing software, like DAZ or Poser, some models can be quite realistic, but the painting is a very ‘free’ interpretation…:)

      • I have more on the other pages of my site, and a photo site too https://jmrart.net/ and I have another site, not as popular as wordpress, but this one has a page for each painting, pastel except for the first half of my production, but still there must be about 250 pages with many versions and background for each work, I have a bit of difficult of keeping everything up to date and producing, a bit better now since I am almost completely retired…so more time to me..:) the other site https://www.jmr-art.com/ but this one here on WordPress is usually the most up to date for blogging. I will probably never be a well known artist so I have to be may own art historian …:D

      • I like the last page with the big galleries very much 🙂
        Thanks for the links.
        It’s very time consuming to manage several websites at once.

      • I think I know exactly what you mean. For me it’s the same. There is so much nice content to post, but it’s time consuming 🙂
        you can just do one thing a time

      • If this is on my site jmr-art.com (weebly) it is possible, there is a few pages ‘dedicated’ to a group of friends and those are private or personnal…some of my friends did not want those stories ‘public’ 🙂 or it maybe that some links (old flash content) are disabled and I have to repair them or replace.

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