Trouvé ma tablette…found my digital tablet…

Good thing…Une maudite bonne affaire…would translate more accurately as ‘A damned good thing’ or something like that more or less a m or a n, could check google translate, don’t feel like it..donc pas vraiment retrouvé ma tablette, elle était là, tout le temps….mais le temps on ne l’a pas toujours ou le goût….oops what I meant or writing is it wasn’t really lost, it was there beside my computer, but dit not feel like using it…jusqu’à hier..until last night…

bon la traduction automatique est off….well fini la traduction automatique…place à l’esquisse…time to show the sketch…


Je pense que son visage ressemble un peu plus à la photo,,,cliquez dans l’image pour voir si j’ai raison…I think I’ve got a bit more the expression of her face, but you’ll have to click into the pic to go to this sketch page to check that….

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      • I have 4, but one is a static website for my work. No blogging. I update it twice a year.
        The other 3 are all so different, and I only post 2 or 3 Art Gowns a year, so it doesn’t take all that much time. It’s the gowns that take the time.
        One blog does not cost money, I don’t care about the ads.
        It seems I am mostly using my graffiti blog.

      • I will probably end up keeping one for blogging, I have a wp site, I am not using it much but it can be a more customized one, and on the same provider I have another site, very much in development, I am using it to learn using dreamweaver and other site design, my two other wp sites are business one so they cost close to 400 $ each a year…and I need that money for something else, like buying cat food…:D or else, I should post something soon with more details on what is coming…

      • Perhaps 1 for business & one for blogging & one for learning is what you need. Consider having your blog with a .Wordpress & ads. Then that blog is for free!
        Well, I await your results!
        OH…. cat food is one of the most important things on earth! 😀

      • done…I should make him wait…he’s fat, but I can’t say no to his look…:) I think like most cat’s owner, or actually servant…I am a bit crazy about him…:D

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