Cours en ligne Autocad – Online courses…

Un article paru sur mon site WP plus ‘technique’ et orienté vers le travail…des cours en ligne Autocad, je dois travailler la narration, pas à mon goût, au moins vous pouvez ajouter une voix au personnage…:) / A post on one of my other site on WP, the one dealing more with Autocad than Painting, a demo of online courses that I am working on, in french only for now…have to learn to pronounce them words in decent English before I think about translating it…:), even now I am not quite please with the french narration so…at least you can add a voici to the character now…:)

Global enviro-mun

Un démo présentant le format de cours en ligne que je développe actuellement,

plus d’informations sur ces cours sont présentées à la page formation de mon site

A demo presenting my company and courses I am presently developing, only in french for now, an English version may be available but before I have to work on the narration, I am not quite please with it in French, imagine one in English now…:)

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2 avis sur « Cours en ligne Autocad – Online courses… »

    • Hello Resa, no they don’t…:) I am just too busy working for a client and the work is done out of my place and spending too much time in transit…hopefully I will be able to work on them soon and be at home more often…Pinceau is missing his master / slave…:D

      Hope everything going fine for you, I haven’t been much on WP these last few months…and not painting at all….hope to get back to it also…

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