La réouverture…reopening

Finalement, j’ai l’Impression d’avoir retrouvé un ami, perdu temporairement de vue, en fait il était encombré de toutes sortes de choses et ce soir pour une première fois depuis longtemps j’ai retrouvé mes pinceaux, l’atelier et une de ces toiles qui traînait dans l’appartement en attendant que je m’y remettes…donc retrouvé mes pinceaux, il en manque un Pinceau, mon gros chat qui souvent venait examiner la situation du haut du sofa en regardant son fournisseur de bouffe peindre au lieu de Dieu des chats ne sait pourquoi, il ne s’occupait pas de lui…:)

It is a bit like coming back to an old friend, that somehow was absent or gone for a while, actually in this case it was there but encumbered by too many things, but tonight it is some sort of reopening and going back to my brushes, and one of those left alone canvas, collecting dust while waiting to have some fresh paint applied, the only thing missing was my big four legged fan, Pinceau my cat who usually was half asleep on the sofa watching his food provider doing something else than mending to him…:) he did not mind too much…


Je dois dire que ça fait grandement plaisir de s’y remettre, même si mon dos me rappelle que je n’ai plus 20, 30, 40 ou 50 ans….mais je ne le sentais pas en peignant…:)

A great feeling to get back to it, even if after my back kind of remind me that I am not anymore 20, 30, 40 or 50 years old….:)

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    • Hello Resa, yes back…can’t say completely in it but at least ‘hanging around’…:) I thought it would be easier working for myself to make time for Art, it is if you don’t have much work I guess…:) and besides my atelier was packed with many things and I guess the ‘head’ wasn’t in it, and I had to get Pinceau euthanized, it was difficult no need to say…:(

      I see you seems quite busy so I guess it is going pretty good for you these days, I hope…so I am back start feeling the need for it, maybe not everyday but a few times a week would be ok…to the next time….

      • Life isn’t as fulfilling when an artist doesn’t do their art. However, one does have to work $$, and life is filled with distractions…. such as the passing of Pinceau. I have had many cats, and I am always heart broken when they are gone. Hope you find a rich reunion with your art.
        You know, another cat might find you. All of my cats found me. Have a great week Jean Marc! ♥︎

      • Hello Resa, yes maybe another one will come in, for now I am trying to make time to get back to paint and draw on a more regular basis, for a while I thought that maybe I was finished with Art, I think it was more like the need to take a break and do something else, but i think I am not quite done yet with painting…:D Have a nice week to, look forward the see your creations!

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