Marylin, les premières…the first stages

Quelques photos de la première session, toujours étonnant de voir prendre forme un tableau, moi qui prend tellement de temps à les terminer et pourtant ils prennent habituellement forme dans la première heure.

A few pic taken from the first session on this new painting, I am always surprised how fast my painting are taking form in the first hour, especially knowing how long I do work on each one after.

Maybe I should take a hint from that and work faster, not trying to over do it…something to think about I guess, but I am so taken into putting details in the clothes, and these are so rich with them, it would be hard not to do it..:)

Peut-être que je devrais en tirer comme conclusion d’aller pour l’expression et oublier le détail dans mes tableaux, enfin quelque chose sur quoi réfléchir mais me connaissant, j’aime bien le détail des vêtements et le tissus des robes est bien tentant..

444-06 Marylin, Mnemosyne et Resa; huile 24×30″, 2018-12-13

Je mets le lien vers l’article précédent pour le contexte de ce tableau / here’s the link to the first post presenting the context of this painting

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  1. Amazing!! I love it!
    Although reblogging on Qe, I will do something on Art Gowns in January!
    Much love and Merry Christmas to you JM!
    PS There is a cat who needs you. Please find him/her!

    • Thanks Resa, I saw the reblog, I put your site on my list…check it twice..:) merry Christmas to you as well, not been nice on painting…I should find some time soon to keep going. Still trying to get back to a more regular rythme in blogging..

      A cat, still thinking about one and a new one…maybe one will come across…

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