Hum quelle étrange endroit…Hum what a strange place

Pense qu’il y a un humain là-bas…Seems there is a human out there

hum allons voir….let’s go see

Humain, votre territoire fait maintenant partie de l’Empire des chats, dont je suis le représentant Suprême, amenez moi devant votre dirigeant, hum c’est toi, ouen….prosterne toi devant moi….Human, your territory is now part of the Cat’s Empire, take me to your leader, hum it is you, well….bow before me, the great Cat Emperor…bow

Mais avant, pouvez me dire où est la litière et surtout la bouffe, svp…prrpp prrr prrrr…But before, please, can you show me my place to eat and well you know, what I do after eating, no not sleeping…prr prrr prrrr prrrr

C’est par là ?….Is it over there ?

Ah enfin, pas trop mal mon nouveau esclave, soi disant maître….Ah after all he’s not so bad my new human slave, who think that he will tell me what to do…:)

Donc oui un nouveau chat, après Pinceau qui est parti voilà 9 mois, un modèle féminin, plus compact, elle pèse si peu comparé à Pinceau….encore bien timide mais de plus en plus assurée la minoune….ouen son nom, elle est arrivée du refuge et d’une amie, qui l’a hébergé quelques semaines, elle s’appelait Divine, ensuite Minoune, pensé à Pinsoune, puis à Frimousse et comme elle semble se laisser amadouer surtout par les croquettes, me suis dit que Croquette serait son nom…des suggestions? Quoique Croquette me plaît beaucoup…

So yes a new cat, 9 months after Pinceau left, had to let him go, too sick, she’s around 8 years old, coming from an animal refuge, a friend had her for a few weeks, but she’s allergic, so she’s now living here, took her a few days to get used to the place…she’s shy, very shy…her name, don’t know yet, she was called Divine at the refuge, I thought about a few name Pinsoune…hum not good, Frimousse (in french quebecois a term for face), and finally the front runner now is Croquette…(Cat food bits) she liked them so much and the first few days it was the only way to get close to her…:) Suggestions ? feel free to give them to me, but Croquette will probably be her name…

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    • Thank you,yes she’s a beauty, but still very shy, she come out for food but still very shy…at least she’s not hiding anymore…:) I guess it will take time to her to get used to the place…be patient..:)

    • for me it’s been 9 months since I had to let go Pinceau, so when my friend ask me if I want another one and I saw her, I felt like in the Star Trek new gen series facing the Borgs…(don’t know if you’re familiar with this old TV serie.) and the bad ones were saying…Resistance is futile, but less dramatic with Croquette…:D

  1. WOW!!! This is one beautiful cat! How lucky for you that she adopted you! You are almost correct with the name Croquette.She should be called Coquette! 😀
    She is so beautiful. I have fallen in love!

    • Yes that’s exactly what I thought, so far the only time I can get her purring is when I am giving her food, especially those croquettes, she came from a refuge, a friend had her but she realized she’s allergic to cats now, so she landed at my place…a ‘digne successor’ for Pinceau…:) hopefully within a few weeks she will get acclimated to my place.

      • You give her food. You are already in her good books. I must say, again, she is a beauty. I’ve always wanted a cat who looks like her. I adore cats. They have enriched my life immensely.

      • Patience… she has been through a lot. She has been in many places, now. She doesn’t trust. Much like Pinceau, she will succumb to your love.

      • The refuge said she did had kittens, probably the owner left her, maybe she was badly treated, when I am petting her, she crouch on the floor, then she start purring…Pinceau got used quickly, before I had him he came often through the open door, taking refuge from my neighboor big dog..:) so I guess it did help…so far she’s really quiet, did not chew anyting or scratched and shes’s beaufiful, maybe she will two or more names….Croquette or without the R…I had a cat long time ago, did not have a name except for Minoune…a slang term in french for cat…so every customer at our grocery store know her name…Minoune, la belle minoune…:D

      • I like these ‘spanish’ I dont know if the name is the same in english, cats three colors, the one we called Minoune had the same colors, but pastel like and semi-engoura, long hair, C(r)oquette is as beautiful, hum Cr is for chromium, not a good name for a cat…:D

  2. C’est li premier cat post that I ever liked. Some of the photos are great. What a pretty cat, and a lucky one too to have found someone who understands her. I’m sure you have a name by now.

    • Thanks Bumba, yes she has her name now, at least now it is going more for Coquette, I think the meaning is the same in english and french. Thanks for the photo, my old body find it a bit more difficult being flat on the floor to have a nice view…but some pics came out nice….and not too blurry…..cats are tricky models…:D

      • Imagine those wildlife photographers waiting days for a shot. Cats are tricky, dogs too. As opposed to cows and fish – although they’re hard to photograph too.

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