La nuit des modèles vivants…Night of living models…

J’ai toujours un peu trouvé bizarre l’expression modèle vivant, pense pas qu’on dessine les morts, sauf Leonardo pour apprendre l’anatomie ou les dessins de tranchée de Macke…non dessiner un modèle vivant est plus léger comme sujet, plus…vivant, modèle en direct fait télé, donc bof aussi bien garder modèle vivant…tout cela pour dire quelques photos d’esquisses de plus…la suite plus tard…

I always did find funny the expression Life model, no it is not coming from the old magasine Life, and except for Leonardo for his anatomical studies or Macke drawing in the trenches during World War I, we don’t draw dead models….Life model drawing are more lively, so well maybe I will keep using Life model, model in direct seems more like CNN…so I will stick with life model, all that just to say there is a few more sketches

7 avis sur « La nuit des modèles vivants…Night of living models… »

    • Of course, if you want larger pics I can sent them to you, thanks for sharing, last week was more difficult but I have lots of nice ones over the last 3 weeks, I am setting a page on my other site with all sketches photographed, will try to do one on my WP site too…eventually…

      • I’m good with the pics I have. Even though I dragged them off your blog, the file sizes are still quite large, so no worries! I’ll get that together in the next day or 2! Will let you know.

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