Solution facile ce midi….A rapid solution today

Des articles en banque, j’en ai mais du photoshop à faire donc j’en profite pour montrer quelques photos de mon autre site…I do have a few posts in bank but I still have to work the images a little bit in photoshop, so maybe a few pics from my other site and links

Si un jour je me refais à faire des paysages, j’ai plein de photos, peut-être pas des chefs-d’oeuvre photo mais qui ferait probablement de beaux tableaux….If one day I resolve myself to do a few landscape, I do have lots of arctic and other pics that are not chefs-d’oeuvre as photo but could be interesting material for a few paintings…

Some of you already visit regularly this other site, for the others hope you will find it enjoyable…Certains d’entre vous connaissez déjà mon autre site, pour les autres, j’espère que ce sera un coup de coeur…

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  1. They are from different places and times…the iceberg is near Eureka, Nunavut in 1983 I think, I was on a weather station, the cranes are taken from a bus, it was during construction of the new Champlain bridge over the St-Lawrence river, the one from a park was taken a few years ago, the park is near my place, and the last one the plane, is a screen shot from Flight Simulator, I think I was somewhere over Lesotho, South Africa, found the airport and did not crash..there is a link under each image, this is linked to my other site…one that deal more with photography and few others things…I guess I could run both under the same site…I have probably too many sites, a bit time consuming but they all have a certain role to play if I can say

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