Une journée en août 2019…. Sometimes, one day in August 2019

J’ai dû ressentir cette journée là, l’envie de sortir de mon arrêt (prolongé, je ne le savais pas encore cette journée là), et sur un papier ‘cheap’, pas de pression ou crainte de gaspiller une feuille qui coûte plus chère, j’ai fait une esquisse rapide de ce modèle Alice Dodd si ma mémoire est fidèle, généralement elle l’est…en me disant que je finirais cette esquisse avec ma tablette graphique…

That day, probably nighttime, doesn’t matter really, I probably told myself, break over, lets draw (did not know then how long it would be to get back on tracks) so I did a rapid sketch on cheap paper, Kraft I think, thinking I could work it more with my palette, did not happen yet…the model name ? Alice Dodd if my memory serve me well, usually does…

I should, will, resize and cropped in photoshop / faudrait bien, oui je le ferai, rogner et ajuster l’Image dans Photoshop

Le modèle en photo ? pourquoi pas, Alice au pays des rêves, enfin quelque chose comme cela mais surtout en photo / Alice not in the land of , hum Alice in wonderland, not really but in photo yes

Alice Dodd for Bebe Photo: Bettina Rheims Elle US October 2000 Scan by Alwyn

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    • Yes a very lovely model, and nice pic too, I could not resist draw or paint her, funny thing with pastel, it is as much drawing and painting, drawing with colorful strikes, used to do more pastels, I am thinking of doing more of them, and it is more rapid than a full oil painting.

      • Ok, make sense. I should paint more analog then digital too.
        Yes, keep on going, I like your colorful paints. They look positive and fun. Optimistic.

      • I like to use my palette too, a bit more tricky but nice results, but of course the feeling is not the same, but that’s true of any medium, you do paint ? tried to go to your site on wordpress, but it is not there anymore, you have a site ? would be curious to look at your things if you don’t mind.

      • Ok, i understand.
        Yes, my medium is an iPad and inanity with procreate, photoshop and affinity. My character was built on a 3d Programm. My Site is Janice.tv

      • Like your style, you’re are in Germany ? did learn a bit of german while traveling long time ago, stayed a few months in Vienna, fell in love with the place, I am afraid don’t remember much now, not to many occasions to practice here in Montreal, Québec, Canada ..:)

      • 🙂 i understand. I heard, Vienna must be beautiful. It’s in Austria, the capital.
        I wrote you an email.

      • Thanks I will check, email might be easier for long conversation if you wish, could write a bit more about travels, things we did and do, thank you!

    • Was a rapid one, on a sheet of kraft paper, like when I do live model sketching, tried to work it the same way except from the photograph, it is more of a sketch, rapid colorful and yes I think it was a success…:)

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