Julie….en ce 18 mai…on may 18 th

J’ai plusieurs photos d’étapes intermédiaires de ce tableau fait à l’acrylique, évidemment oui il approche de la fin, pas terminé…puisque j’ai écrit que j’ai encore plusieurs versions intermédiaires, je peux déjà dire que s’il y a une autre version, ce sera plus pour atténuer des choses ici et là, ou mettre un peu plus d’emphase ici et là, ce tableau comme plusieurs autres approchent du moment où moi, qui aurait toujours tendance à dire, hum je peux l’amener un peu plus loin, doit me résoudre à dire, non c’est terminé, donc devrait commencer beaucoup de tableaux…éventuellement.

Edited photos of the may 18 th session, still have quite a few, so no it is not finished yet, but like many others paintings still going on, they are very close to being signed, even if I am notorious for extending, trying to add something, without losing what is already there, and often quite presentable, so it is close to the end, probably will have to soften some areas, and also push some areas a bit more, but it is close to the end..but not yet. So I guess I should start planning new paintings, because most of my works in progress, well it is close to be not anymore in progress…

445-22-r Julie Skyhigh, Acrylique, 20×30 po, 2022-05-19

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    • Still a few versions on deck, hum the face it is my questioning on the last version…to post at some time in the next few days, I am terrible with my schedule, and I don’t work these days, I mean other than painting and maintaining my numerous sites…don’t know how I was doing it before..:D getting old I suppose…:)

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