Thanh Dang | I’ve been on the battlefield (4)

Je trouve cet article, comment dire poignant..on apprendra jamais, du moins certains…I found this post, don’t know, I found it reaching deep, we will never learn, at least some of us.


By Thanh Dang, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

I’ve been on the battlefield

Through our eyes, a lifetime is not enough to forget

Ukraine, who’s pushed you into such sadness

How could one human to another make an ocean of tears


I want to hold you child, together we’ll cry

No longer could I volunteer to be by your lover fight

The young people of Vietnam did once lay down their lives

The bitterness resided in our heart may it be North or South


You will die child, out on the battlefield you will die

What’s left of your wins will be a nation of decimated cities

Shredded villages

The graves long with more graves

The entire nation’s a graveyard


I feel sorry for your loss and mine to have been born in the chaos of war

How could we blame the Creator

How could we…

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2 avis sur « Thanh Dang | I’ve been on the battlefield (4) »

  1. Ce texte est en effet très poignant. Le parallèle est à la fois d’une tristesse infinie et très pertinent. Naître à la mauvaise place au mauvais moment et être victime de décisions insensées…

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