Camp de recrutement….recruiting camp…

Ou recherche de modèle pour un futur tableau, j’avais fait cette esquisse, le modèle est Julie, en fait j’ai fait un tableau d’elle au début avril, lors du ‘retour’…c’est d’après une de plusieurs photos d’elle trouvées sur internet….donc une esquisse, pour me remettre à dessiner à ce moment-là, les dernières esquisse sont plus pour garder la main, ou des études….donc peut-être qu’un jour ce sera un tableau, qui sait…

Or just looking out for a model for an upcoming painting, this particular one was done end of March, did a painting of her, Julie, but not from this photo, use one of the many I have featuring her, all coming from Internet, my source of models….so at that time it was more a sketch to get back to drawing after a long stop, now it is more to keep going or warming up, or sometimes quick studies to look more into part of the painting that may cause me some problems or just playing or fooling around…so drawing is like it is supposed to be, fun….

Esq 22-000-003-r

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    • it is some kind of study in pastel, but I think it does hold itself as a nice pastel drawing, maybe one day I will make a painting out of it, should do more of these, much quicker and still they have a lot of expression, that the nice thing with quick sketches.

      • I believe they are wonderful. I will publish two books this year. I want a pastel on the cover. I have become like Salinger. No face of mine on the book.

      • Good sometimes I do see really nice works for cover of books, if ever you see something interesting for you, it would be a pleasure for me to let you use it, but I guess it depends on what you’re looking for, there is a lot of good stuff around, and no I would not do a self portrait, I prefer beautiful women…some books have the author portrait on the back, maybe I should put mine on the back of a canvas..:)

      • Let me know when the time comes, I do have my main site, I will sent you if it is ok with you a bunch of links, many pages and it can be difficult to find your way, so when you do feel like it, let me know, it will be my pleasure, if you find anything that can be used, can contact me here or on

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