The fragrance of time. And a Leonard Cohen song…


The fragrance of time…

We cannot stop time. Youth run away from us so quickly. We must have a Gypsy soul. We must know wonder-lust, we must kiss many pretty ladies and we must dance for the sun and the moon.

The fragrance of Summer, I do remember. A beautiful Scottish gal wore a shod of white silk and she loved the forbidden kiss. She had the sun in her eyes and we loved the early September Germany new wines.

She loved to paint the small lake, the clouds and the rocks being caressed by the moving water. She asked me often. Can I paint your face. You have a strong face and I can see a million journeys and I will pay you with one kiss. I can see the sadness in your eyes. A deep heaviness hidden away. I told her. I will allow you dear Sheena to…

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