Il y a de ces jours…. There is some of these days…

Il y a de ces jours où l’on fait quelque chose toute la journée mais on peut difficilement dire quoi exactement, enfin un peu de tout, donc un peu de court pour un article, puis je me suis mis à dessiner avec ma tablette, que j’utilise mais trop peu souvent, début laborieux aujourd’hui, sur une esquisse commencé voilà bien des années, un peu comme tout ce qui est en cours maintenant, mais plusieurs sont finis ou près de…donc temps de faire des esquisses et trouver un sujet de tableau..

Some of these days, you do keep busy, but somehow you have almost nothing to show for it, so finally got to my graphic tablet, and reworked one of those old sketches left there to be finished, advanced or deleted…so here’s one of those, already started a few years ago, like much of my works in progress, but now at least quite a few of them are coming to an end, so I guess I am better making some sketches and see if I do feel take one of these into a full fledged painting…

Digital art – E-0018-0011 2022-07-18

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    • Thank you, it is a much different feel than working on paper or canvas, have to get use to the many tools available, a bit overwhelming at first, but getting used to some, so I keep practicing more 🙂

      • Yes, there is so much to do and explore using more technical medium, softwares do add a lot of possibilities, it is another way to express what you have learned in more traditional medium, my biggest problem is time.., I presume I am not the only one having this problem 😀

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