Comme d’habitude… As usual

Il semble que ces jours ci, ma production d’articles est inversement proportionnelle à la chaleur, donc quelques minutes de libre entre deux choses, temps pour une esquisse, j’écris plutôt mal, donc je pense que c’était en mai 2016, doit finir le ménage de l’atelier, cela encouragera ma nouvelle chatte qui semble me prendre pour un monstre, ou un ogre, elle me regarde de loin et se cache lorsque j’approche, presque deux semaines, je présume qu’elle comprendra, je lui dit tant bien que mal en chat, mowemm miou, brrr prrr, mwoau, hummmbrbrbr ce qui librement traduit devrait dire, ‘non je ne la mangerai pas, je ne te ferai pas de mal, seulement te flatter un peu, donner à manger, nettoyer ta litière’…un jour la traduction passera…:)

Seems that planning my post schedule is inversely proportional to the heat, so a bit of free time now, just enough to squeeze in a photo of a sketch made during a life model session, May 2016, I think, my hand writing is not that good, so this is , probably, a 20 minutes sketch, more to come if some day I do finished putting order in my studio, my new cat, she hopes for it, I think, since she’s hiding away as soon as I do approach her, almost 2 weeks now, I try to tell her in cat ‘meeoww meouww brrr prrr prrrr prrr, meaning I am not a monster or an ogre, just a human, living in a somewhat strange place, and there is no danger, no danger, just want to pet you a little bit…

ESQ 2016-05-16_20 min_01-r

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  1. She was getting old, 87 years, and apparently suffers from a strange illness, more of a behavioral type, excessive envy of cleaning, never heard of that, maybe my friend pulled that one on me..:) but she could not stand anymore the cat loose hair, probably spreading microbes…so at my place, there is no danger of that, in fact I would like to have a bit, not much of this illness…:) Her previous owner was a blind or half seeing woman, so this is a 3 rd place in a few months, after 13 days of hiding, she did come out, and blazing…in an hour or so, she became fully friendly and keep asking for petting and caring now, I will have to teach her that I do need some time to do other things than caring for her…but for now I give her lot of time…:)

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