Cosy, safe place…une place bien à soi, un abri

Article publié sur mon site photo et autres voilà quelque jours , cette photo peut aller sur les deux sites…/ A post published a few days ago on my other site, more about photography than painting, but this photo suit well for both I think

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      • Thats good. That’s very good.
        For me, my workplace is about a tablet, may be some sketchbook and software, lot of software 🙂

      • Same here, less softwares maybe, but graphic tablet about 270×420 mm, equivalent A3 paper I guess or tabloid here, not so many sketch books now, I should have some for ‘doodling’ but a nice atelier, I realize how I miss it especially today…I have to work on ‘serious business’ like cad works and geomatics, need some $$$ to paint more…:) I guess that is the only way I have to see it…not a passion, never was, even less now…:)

      • Thats True.
        May be the cad/cgi software isn’t at its point, as it would be nice for creative people.
        It’s like photoshop for iPad, now it’s there, but most functions are deactivated, bc it’s to complex to build for these devices.
        For me, an A3 Tablet is way too big. May be not for a desk, but for transportation.

      • There is some interest in these more technical softwares, I used to be more ‘enthousiast, maybe I am too old now or too into painting and the rest is…well somewhat boring….:;)

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