Tout en douceur, lentement

Pas travaillé beaucoup ces derniers jours, pas la tête à la peinture…mais tout-de-même avancé un peu sur mon dernier tableau, qui progresse tout en douceur, parfois je travaille de façon échevelé, parfois plus lentement, c’est le cas jusqu’à date pour celui-ci, la dernière version et le diaporama mis-à-jour.

Not worked much on my paintings lately, my mind is occupied somewhere else…but at least did a bit of work on the latest painting, it is going very slowly, softly…sometimes I do work in a more bashful way, this time not… a slower approach, so here’s the latest version and the updated slideshow

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      • “LOL” I seem to work a lot, and do not have a lot of blogging time. (I prefer blogging!) was the old url, of “Queen’s end” which was to be my writing Blog but I needed to reclaim it for a Professional site …. a CV site if you will. I made it myself, and I think it looks great although I’m still working out a bug or 2.

        The “Art Gowns” gained popularity so quickly, I gave them their own home.

        I’m designing the costumes for a mini-series now so it will be awhile before I get another “Art Gown” up.
        Queen’s end will get its own home when time allows.

        Your work is as fabulous as ever.
        When I get some time “LOL” I’d love to pin a couple of your pieces to my “Art to ♥” Pinterest board, if you allow that.
        I understand completely if you don’t like that. Of course everything is credited and linked.
        Resa xo

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