Tant qu’à être parti sur cela….

Samedi / Saturday 2014-02-22

Encore un peu plus de travail sur ce tableau, et aussi je suis retourné dans ce logiciel, en me disant que je pourrais préparer d’autres modèles, pour un futur tableau, oui j’ai encore l’impression de jouer avec des poupées….mais à l’ordi et à l’âge de 57, un vieil homme, mon père s’il me voyait serait découragé de voir son gars qui joue avec des poupées…:)

Work again on this painting, and between period spent at the easel , I also went back to his model playing software, thinking that maybe I could come up with another model for a new painting…feel strange to be a grown man, very grown man of 57, playing with dolls, look better saying I’m playing with an animation and modeling software though…il my father would have seen me, I guess he would have been a bit discouraged seing his son playing with dolls…:)

La dernière version du tableau / The latest version of this painting (426-43)

426-43 Nue 2012-1, Acrylique 18×24 2014-02-22

Et le diaporama et pourquoi pas une galerie photo de quelques autres modèles ‘synthétiques’, mes barbies informatiques…:)
The slideshow and why not showing a gallery picture of some of my ‘synthetic model’ , my computerised barbies…:), who could ended up in a painting, will see…

Celle ci et une autre dans la galerie, me font penser à cette photo de Marylin Monroe, pas Manson…où sa jupe est soufflé par une trappe d’air…
This one kind of remind me of this well known shot of Marylin, with her skirt being blowned away….

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    • The pic titled 426 …. is an acrylic painting, all the others pics are rendering made in DAZ 3d Studio, for some I have modified the lighting, others are almost straights rendering, you buy the models and clothing and accessories, but you can also model your own, seems to be a lenghty process, as it is if you adjust lighting, textures and others things…time consuming but fun…

      • I don’t know how to use these programs, but I am familiar with what they can do. In the end it is the artist who matters and the software is only a tool. Some of those are so sexy…

      • What I see in your painting is motion, energy, and the essence of female sexuality. The fantasy element is so strong that it knocks me down. You could do renderings and then paint off them like they were photographs, or over them. The possibilities are endless.

      • You’re quite right, I think using my renderings as models give me a different way to approach my ‘subjects’, often I also like mixing a few renderings in photoshop and I could also mix some life models sketches…yes endless possibility…and hours of work…ooops pleasure…:)

  1. Your program images are amazing! They seem to get better and better. I think the first one I am aware of, the blue bikini with white boots is lovely, but the hardest to paint. Absolutely fabulous….. the last one (red dress) and full length standing white stockings and garters are my faves! You are very talented.

    • I can’t take all the credits, the models and clothing, you can make them, but usually peoples, like I did, buy them, but the posing, playing with textures, lighting adjustment in some case are from me, kind of playing art director for a shooting session, I use DAz Studio and Poser, Poser to me is still better for rendering images, these come from Daz Studio. If I can find more time I would like to learn to model and modify the 3d figures, you can create your own, but it is a lenghty process, I have much more on ‘stock’ but they would need some work to make very nice rendering, like everything else…I’m working on it…:D

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