On avait des chiens sur chacune des stations arctiques, celui-ci, plutôt triste, avait perdu son ‘copain’ et assez bizarrement, le reste de la meute, cinq en tout, semblait s’être mis contre lui, il se collait à nous constamment, les autres chiens le pourchassaient souvent, semble que comme les humains, il y a des luttes de pouvoir, et des perdants…quelques mois plus tard il est mort, écrasé sous un véhicule, les autres chiens le poursuivaient….triste…

We had dogs on each of the main Arctic Weather stations, and in this case, it was a very sad situation, his ‘friend’ was gone, don’t know how, but the others dogs, took over the ‘leadership’ of the pack, apparently he and his departed ‘friend’ were the pack leaders, and now he was outcast, always staying close to us, the others dogs were mean to him, I heard that after a while, he was run over by some heavy equipment, the other dogs were chasing him….seems that in that way, they are a bit like us, or at least some of us..he look sorrowful on this pic…maybe he did know what woul happen…

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  1. Heartbreaking. The true north is harsh, on men and dogs. I learned this from a story by Jack London… “The Call of the Wild”
    You are lucky to have met this beautiful dog!

    • Yes he was very close to us, and very affectious, maybe to escape from the others, somebody on the station told me that when the two were ‘ruling’ the pack, they were hard on the others dogs, but anyhow he was a very nice and friendly dog to us.

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