Non pas avec le blogue ou autres, tout simplement reconnecté ma tablette graphique, pas seulement pour voir si elle fonctionne encore plus parce que le goût d’explorer quelques esquisses m’est venu…pense que c’est un bon signe…comme le printemps qui s”annonce, ah oui on est en août, le temps est passé où…disons comme un signe d’automne.

Not speaking of posting or blogging, not anything else other than my graphic tablet, so I think this is a good sign, like spring is around..oops time flies, almost mid August, anyhow I think feeling the need to draw even if it is not on paper or canvas is a good fall’s sign

Un modèle imaginaire, pas vraiment un designer de mode mais j’aime bien illustrer ces modèles de mode, réelles ou non et aussi explorer quelques fonctions de la tablette, enfin plutôt Photoshop, sais toujours pas si pour moi ce n’est qu’un outil permettant de faire un sketch en vue d’un tableau ou quelque chose qui en soit serait un véritable moyen de faire une oeuvre qui se ‘tient toute seule’, probablement un des innombrables questionnements inutiles…:)

Just some imaginary model, I am not a fashion designer, far from it, but I like drawing those fahion models, and of course trying to get more used to Photoshop as an artistic tool, not sure yet if it is just good for some preliminary sketches leading to a painting or actually another medium for creating ‘self standing’ work of Art, probably just another of those useless questions to myself…:)

Une autre esquisse, celle là je l’ai déjà faite en tableau à l’huile et aussi sous forme de pastel, pas tout à fait satisfait autant ici que dans ces deux autres versions précédentes..doit être un peu obsessif…:) Vais essayer lors de versions prochaines, de mettre un un peu plus d’informations, pour tout de suite…suis un peu las de taper sur le clavier…

Another sketch, Liz Hurley, yes I am a bit obsessed with her and this particuliar image, did it in Pastel, in Oil, each time a bit unsatisfied with those works, this one too…For now it is all I am going to say, a bit tired of typing this post…but I will probably put a bit more on those two like previous versions and other things maybe, so for now …click on ‘publish’…:)

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  1. It’s interesting.
    I hope you don’t mind me saying, when you do original sketches, e.g. life drawing, there is a skill and dynamism to your work. By contrast, the images of women in long boots lack that, seem unnatural and wooden. I wonder whether there is a different cognitive process going on, or also whether you are copying photos rather than drawing from life. But I may be alone in this and it’s great to see appreciation in other comments. For myself, I really like your other drawings.

    • I don’t mind and I guess it is true, the only life drawing are the nude sketches, my other stuff is from photographs found on the net or in magazine and reworked and probably a bit overworked in many cases. As for myself I like doing both even if I know that people generally prefer the life model sketches or in painting my ‘rares’ landscapes. Maybe if I would be sure to make a living as an artist doing them, maybe, stressing maybe…:) I would do more, but I am not looking for that or to get into a gallery, so I just keep doing what I do like and somehow I feel I do need both, as for making a living I have to rely on my technical skills in Autocad or GIS…even if like recently it does take me away from my hobby, or Art or I my very artistic hobby if I may call it like that, thanks for sharing and liking part of my Artwork. Of course over the years I thought about throwing everything away and try making it in the Artworld, but I guess I was too comfortable in my work, especially now that I am working mainly at home. I guess I could write a whole post on this…:)

      • In the end, real art is being true to yourself. As to giving up the day job, I’m pretty sure most of us art bloggers are thinking of that one way or another. I envy you for having technical skills in digital drawing: something I’ve never done. I think drawing from photos is challenging. Maybe you need to treat yourself and hire a model to dress and pose as your composition requires. Maybe find a Dr Sketchies session where burlesque is the models’ theme. But perhaps that is not the image you are grasping for.

      • I thought about that, It would probably be money well spent, opening a new window on producing this type of art, trying something new. I did took many group workshops, and on occasion the model would want to wear some garments in longer poses but somehow at least one participant would oppose that, saying it has paid for having nude model and did not want to change anything to the’rules’…:) at one point it even went into a heated discussion, it even went on the music that was playing in the atelier…no I was not part of it…sat rather quietly in front of my easel, waiting…:) So I guess I should treat myself to that sometimes or start going to fashion runways show, it will have to be quick sketches…:D

      • Wow
        People are odd. If a model is not comfortable nude, that surely takes priority.
        But another point is that clothes are sometimes more emotionally loaded than nudity. The life drawing I’ve done, is very detached, all about light, line and tone. Once a model wears clothes, especially if I am are choosing the type of clothes, there is an emotional connection of sorts, potentially I am projecting my thoughts and feelings on the model, rather than her projecting her chosen image to me. This could be sexualised in a way nudity is not in this context. So then boundaries and artistic collaboration with the model are important. Interesting.

      • Yes as you said clothes especially when choosen by the artist do carry signification and are interpretated…lots of my painting fall into ‘that category’…:), at one point I did show work in a gallery, it was more like a ‘collective’ one, we had someone working there but we had to go once a month, to work on site, was fun, cost me quite a bit for that year, it was in Quebec city, I live in Montreal, luckily I had a place to stay over the week end, I had much fun with the person working there for us, she thought my paintings were ‘provocative’..:) of course I was also showing some of my nude sketches, I think both were liked but I was the only one of 15 artists who did not sale a piece…:D. In the case mentionned, it was the model who offered that, we were in the longer poses and many of us do use more colors then, as for me even in the short poses 1-3-5 min, I will go with colors almost from the start. So it was just to cover partly the body, most of it being nude, the idea was to add color, the clothes would be more like a piece of cloth or hat, most of people did appreciate and it was suggested by the model itself, there was just that person opposing, and she became very upset….life in art studio…:D Anyhow a new session is starting in September, nude poses ranging from 1 to 20-25 minutes in the third hour, looking forward to this…and will be thinking about hiring, if I would be more inclined into organizing things, I guess I could get into starting some atelier but too much work and of course have to find peoples and managing what people want, so better off working alone with a model if possible. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, Well now I have to go back to my other ‘self’ the person working with Autocad, some work to produce..difficult to put some boundaries between work for $$$, even if in a way producing technical work that convey the message in a clear way is almost an Art and Art like drawing, painting or photography when working at home….:)

    • Tried something like a watermark, so if the image is copied, that it will at least say where it is coming from, not sure this is really useful, maybe I should do like in my other sketches and just put it once or twice, bottom and upper part of the image. I keep a large resolution for my store sites and these are with reduced resolution for showing. Not quite sure how I will set up these things yet,,when I will retired from my work I will think about that…:D

  2. I am not sure if this is a good thing, I guess I have to look into the whole aspect of having my pics available for buying, especially the life model sketches, not sure if it will lead to something, not expecting lot of money…I would be happy if it does cover the cost of sessions, material and maybe eventually bringing a bit of money to hire a model for example…so not expecting much…better to rely on Autocad and other technical stuff for other needs..:D

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