Les deux Cindys…

Dans le cas de quelques-uns des tableaux exposés, ce n’était pas définitif s’ils étaient terminés ou non, dans le cas des deux Cindys, c’est non….donc voici la dernière version et la précédente…qui date…., quelques autres ausssi photographiées lors des derniers jours, tant qu’à y être aussi bien présenter un diaporama…. Évidemment, dire qu’un tableau est terminé ou non, surtout pour moi, est une question sans réponse….un moment donné, j’arrive à un point où je me dis ou plutôt dirai, voilà c’est fini, mais ce moment n’est pas encore venu…..

A few of the exhibited works were not quite finished, or more like yes they can be, but also they may be reworked…the Two Cindys is one example, and I thought that it could be reworked. Here’s the latest version, and also the previous one, from a few months ago… there was a few pictures taken over the last few weeks, so why not presenting the complete slideshow so far…Is it finish now? don’t think so, although deciding when it is finished is a whole issue, especially for me…usually I just decided ok it is done now, can’t add anything to it, but finished, I never (almost) know…

415-29 Cindy Crawford double… Acrylique, 20×30 po, 50×76 cm 2013-05-11

La version précédente/The previous version

415-25 Cindy Crawford double… Acrylique, 20×30 po, 50×76 cm 2013-01-02

Et le diaporama/And the slideshow…

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  1. beautiful and full of life. This work invites me to join and enjoin my day. What I noticed also , that some of the images created during ‘the making of’ are really nice to express abstract in balance with reality . The one where the two women are fading in the painting is perfect to me. They are no Cindy’s to me.

      • that is a good difference between paining and photography . Your work is a unique piece d’art. The final result of your work , is what you wanna present and that is the most important thing.

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