Rien comme….

Rien comme de se fixer un échéancier, comme une date d’exposition, pour se mettre en mode ‘Terminator’,de tableaux va s’en dire…en bonne voie d’en terminer un autre ce soir, peut-être pas  ce soir, mais s’il n’est pas terminé, il manquera bien peu de choses…

Nothing like having a deadline, even self-imposed, like putting a date for a home exhibition, to finish some works that were due, maybe it won’t be finished tonight, but very little will be missing….

Le tableau de ce modèle, aux bottes blanches, on s’y attend qu’il y ait des bottes…:) et qui prend ou dépose sa valise, je ne le sais toujours pas…
This painting of a woman, wearing boots, how unusual…:) and who’s picking up or putting down her suitcase, still don’t know about that…not important I guess…

393-48 Modèle inconnue, bottes, gants et valise blancs et jupe damier Huile, 20×28(50×70) 2013-04-14

Comme il reste tout-de-même bien peu de temps avant cette expo, j’aimerais finir ces deux autres interminables toiles, Lonneke Engel et ses doubles ou triples en fait, et Sophie Marceau, il y a bien longtemps qu’ils durent ces tableaux…et j’aimerais bien les présenter….allez au travail!

Since there is not so much time left before the exhibition, I would like to finish those two unfinishable paintings…Lonneke, actually more like three times her and also Sophie Marceau, been so long I started those two, I would like very much have them ready for the exhibit….get to work!

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  1. I am not an expert at all , but it is attractive to know that your work is not finished and still for me it is . Lovely to see 3 times lonneke, but 3 times expressed different. Sensual she is, not ? The question is , which one ?

    • Thanks! not easy to decide when it is finished, the model with the suitcase is very close, in fact I’m not sure if I will rework it…in the meantime I let it rest, and me too…:)

      The one about Lonneke is a long story, I started it many years ago and it went through all kind of changes, when it will be over, I will try to put up a post about it, and making a video from all the photos I’ve taken over the years…it shall be interesting…I hope…:)

    • I work from photographs, eitheir scanned, but mainly finded on fashion web sites. The only time I do work with models is when I go to life model sessions, but they are short poses, 1 to 20 minutes or so. Eventually I’m planning to try to work with a model, would be great I’m sure…:)

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