Liz…la touche finale? presque….The final touch? almost…

Je pense que ce soir, finalement le visage de Liz prend vraiment la forme que je voulais lui donner sauf pour la partie inférieure de son visage, par contre je devrai probablement le laisser reposer quelque peu avant de lui donner la touche finale à ce tableau.

Finally tonight I feel that her face is coming along very nicely, almost the way I wanted it to be from the beginning, except for the lower part of her face but I think I will have to let this painting rest before putting the finishing touches to it.

431-48 Liz Hurley 4, Huile sur acrylique, 20x30 po, 2014-11-23

431-48 Liz Hurley 4, Huile sur acrylique, 20×30 po, 2014-11-23

Le diaporama et la photo de Liz…the slideshow and the picture

Elizabeth Hurley 002

Aussi vous pouvez en voir plus sur ce tableau à l’adresse suivante…You can view more on this painting if you wish by following the link


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    • Thanks, and somehow sometimes I got to finish one…:D I do sounds like one of the character of ‘Cannery row’ a ,man who’s building a boat, but it is always on the dry dock because he think it needs something more…:)

      • “LOL” My dear, I think you just don’t want to say one of your girls is finished because someone might want to buy her. Then…. you would have to part with her.

        I can say this because of my “Art Gowns” “lol” Who else would make gowns no one could buy?

      • I think you’re quite right with that…:D probably why I don’t put much effort in selling my art…:) I guess it is some way of keeping doing what we like the most..:D

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