Un pastel, une huile…A pastel, an oil…

En attendant de préparer les photos du dernier atelier de modèle, de retravailler le tableau Marylin, Mnemosyne et Resa, il y a eu aussi un de travail fait sur un pastel et un tableau, deux autres de ces choses qui ont dormi dans l’atelier depuis 2015…temps de les dépoussiérer…pour le moment seules les dernières versions sont montrées, devrait mettre à jour les pages de ces oeuvres bientôt

While waiting to get around photographying the last life model sketches, or work again on my latest painting, the one featuring Marylin, Mnemosyne and Resa, there was some work done on two of those things laying dormant in my studio since 2015….a pastel and a painting, for now just the photos, eventually I will update these works pages to show the previous versions.

441-24-r Modèle nébuleuse plutonesque’, pastel ou , 19,5×25,5 po (in) (50×65 cm) 2019-01-27
426-61-r Nue 2012-1, Huile sur acrylique 18×24 2019-01-14

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    • No, sorry maybe the way I wrote my post is misleading, I am taking life model drawing sessions and I did not photograph the sketches of last Friday session yet, I will tomorrow and post thoses sketches, in the meantime these two, the pastel and painting are from photos taken on the net, at least for one (the pastel), the other is a 3D model that I did surimpose on a model sketch, setting the 3d model the way the life model was posing, the model (the life one) was not wearing boots…the 3D model yes….my choice of course…:) Well I hope this long answer doesn’t add to the confusion…sorry if it does…:D When I will update the individual pages for these works I hope it will be easier to see what I am writing here.

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