Prospection…pour futures oeuvres… for future works

Bientôt je devrais pouvoir commencer de nouveaux tableaux ou pastels, en attendant de nouvelles esquisses, faites avec la tablette graphique, les deux premières étapes, donc peu de temps consacré à cette esquisse.

Soon I should be ready to start some new works, so some exploratory sketch for one of those, this one has just started, on few minutes using my graphic tablet

E-0030-002-r modèle hiver 1 / Winter model 1 – 2022-07-09

Cette photo, modèle et photographe inconnus, chaque fois que je la voyais, je me disais ferait un bon tableau, donc probablement bientôt sur ce …chevalet

This picture, photograph and model unknown, kind of catch my eye each time I was browsing over it, so I guess soon on this….easel…

Photo trouvé / found : Facebook page Boots Only, unkown model and photographer modèle et photographe inconnus

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      • Yeah, I know what you mean. At start, if feels very different, but when you know the software and how to handle it, it’s very close like real painting.
        What I like most is that you can create layers and edit them later, scale it or delete, re-color and so much more. It’s great!

      • Yes I intend to explore different style drawing with the tablet, but I intend also doing studies in pastel probably on paper and sure I will make a painting on canvas, using ‘physical’ canvas, the whole series..:) Saw your post on Janice tv, nice, did not see comment space but they look fine, do you have many students registering, i am curious..:) talk more on email, not today waiting for my new cat but later this week probably. Nice works though!

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